Provisional Select List (LP & UP Schools) - Notice 16/06/2017

Government of Assam Office of the Director of Elementary Education, Assam .. Kahilipara, Guwahati-19

In continuation of this office notice vide No. EAA/SIU/llO/2017/67 dated 31st May 2017, No. EAA/SIU/110/2017/87 dated 5th June 2017 and No. EAA/SIU/110/2017/116 dated 9th June 2017; it is for information of all concerned that the Provisional Select List of Assistant Teacher of LP Schools will be published against DEE, Assam advertisement No. EAA/SIU/110/2017/25 Dated 30/03/2017 and Provisional Select List of Assistant Teacher, Science Teacher, Hindi Teacher and Arabic Teacher of UP Schools will be published against DEE, Assam advertisement No. EAA/SIU/110/2017/31 Dated 30/03/2017 in respect of following districts in the evening of the 16th June, 2017 in the website: www.lpupteachers.com
1. Dhubri 
2. Lakhimpur 
3. Morigaon 
4. Nagaon 
The candidates who have applied for the regular vacant post of teacher in LP and UP Schools are requested to go through the website for their result. 
Any specific query in respect of the Provisional Select List shall only be submitted through the website (www.lpupteachers.com) only within 2 days from the date of publication of the Provisional Select List. After this period no query will be accepted. 
Under no circumstances, the offline query will be accepted in this regard.

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